Dancers’ News- 2010-09-05

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Okay folks!

I am back and at it!  Already had my first demo night – 2nd one coming up this week and am really looking forward to the challenges of my new classes along with the fun of ramping up my regular ones!

But if mine don’t fit your schedule or style, Ottawa/Gatineau/and up the valley is blessed with loads of classes, so be sure to check the Fall Classes listing online and sign up in advance!!

TEACHERS: thanks to those who sent in their info early  – everyone else: feel free to send me yours asap and I’ll get it online!

I am begin “efficient” today and simply sending you to the websites –links at the top of this post.  Please check any listings I have about you in particular as well as if you offer services in any of the categories and are not listed, send me your text info and I’ll get it up too!

Have a great week!