What I did on my Summer Vacation…

Amy, Felicia and ME!

… Or why I love September….

So, this is one photo from our August holiday – if you click on it, you can see many more and check out our Algonquin photos as well in my hubby, WTL’s sets.

I am a very lucky person.  I have a great husband, I am self-employed doing jobs that i love, and while I still have things to work on [ don’t we all?], I really like where I am in my life and will stop gushing now!

This summer’s holiday adventures included a lot of nooks coming up to join us on our camping trip – and it was so cool.  Each person brought a different element of experience, learning, joy and smiles – and maybe a bit of eyeball exercise – as we all took some time to get to know each other a bit better in a new space and time.

So thanks to all of you for joining us and adding such great memories to our trip.  While @wtl did not post pics of you all, we do have them in our person collections and will treasure those moments!

the list: Mark, Gail, Ramanda and Justin [ on their own site], Kristina and Gabriel, Susi and Chris, Jocelyne, Gailene, Ginny, Glen, Matt and Warren[ on their own site], Alex, Julie and Richard, Megan and Dan – Hope I did not miss anyone!

Thanks to all who so kindly brought us little tokens – be it drinkies, goodies, snackies etc. – all of your generous contributions/ gifts were most appreciated!

We had a wonderful time on our own as well, as we both really needed that down time to relax, sleep, read, walk, canoe, relax, sleep etc.

Once we got back into Ottawa for a couple of days, we really only had time to sort through things, do some laundry and then pack for Fan Expo.  And another great weekend of adventure began with an early morning train ride with @suzemuse and @G_Reg to Toronto!  It was fun meeting the other group at the back of the train – those young pups who had some great knowledge and appreciation of the oldies as well as the new stuff in sci-fi, comics etc.  Claire, Krystin, James? and pink haired girl with the knitting were all great fun to chat with. and to share my baking with!  Recipes later for the vegan oatmeal cookies!

I had a great time meeting so many new people and running into Ottawa folks there – even if it was only for a few minutes in line at the hotel!  And next year we’ll bring more Ottawa folk out to have some fun!

While this post is pretty superficial, suffice it to say that I really appreciate and am grateful for the blessings of August – they always get me good and ready to start my own personal new year in September.

Going back to school is a perpetual part of my life – September always brings on the new round of work/classes[ since I teach now]/and begins a fresh start, especially as the weather starts to cool off – not today I know with this heat wave – but soon!

I am really looking forward to what this season will bring as I begin my new bellywood classes, ramp up my regular belly dance classes and then teach some sewing in October!  and the Dancer’s bazaar return in October as well, only weeks away so much to do for that as well!

I have lots of prep to do over the next few weeks and tonight’s demo will be my first actual sharing of the bellywood stuff, so I hope those who come out will be kind 😉

An hour from now, I’ll meet with my first appointment of the fall, and I still have info to put online and more promo/ marketing work to do for the many things coming up, so I’ll sign off and wish you all a happy First day of September!


2 thoughts on “What I did on my Summer Vacation…

  1. Sounds like you’ve had an amazing summer! Where/when will information about your sewing classes be available? I’m new to sewing and have been wanting to take some classes for ages – and I love how you teach bellydance!

  2. Hey Heather,
    Check “Class Info” up at the top of this page – details for the sewing class is there including the link for the city of Ottawa to sign up!
    And thanks!

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