Dancers’ Newsletter Extra Feature – Guest post!

Please welcome Renee and her first contribution to the new Dancer’s Newsletter Extra Features!


Salutations from Renee D    

My journey with belly dancing began last year.  Every Friday a group of women meet at a local bead store.  We sit around and chat, admire each other’s work and talk about the world.  
In early April, one of our ladies was working on a marvellous belt that was pieced together with jump rings, coins and metal fishing lures. Gradually, one question lead into another and before you could say jackrabbit I was taking my first belly dance class. 
Apart from all the obvious elements that make belly dancing so spectacular, I quickly became aware of the music.  Unexpectedly, I discovered fresh tempos mingling together with age-old instruments that absolutely compelled my body to move.
I rapidly searched my CD collection to find this “new to me” sound. Fortunately, I did have some examples but I realized that I needed a broader variety and this is where I started my Bellysurfing.
I’ll begin this exposé with the late legendary Egyptian trumpeter Samy El Bably. Critiques describe his style “as woozy, sinuous and sometimes beguilingly sleepy.” According to the world famous percussionist and friend Hossam Ramzy, “He made this western style horn speak like a Nay flute mixed in with a singing violin with a mixture of an Armenian Duduk without the slightest change to the instrument itself.” Oddly enough, there is very little information on his life yet he was considered the Miles Davis of the Middle East.
As obscure as this musician is, you might be surprised to know that many of you are already dancing to his music!! Instructor Julie Tierney often plays the track Asrar El Ein from the Cairo Nights: Bellydance Bar CD, in her warm-ups.  Want to listen?  Just click to this link: and select PREVIEW. Asrar El Ein is the first track but do have a snoop around the samples.  If you like what you hear, you can order this CD either on the internet with a reliable seller or place an order at Chapters.




“We don’t know who we are until we can see what we can do” -MARTHA GRIMES
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