The End of one decade, Beginning of the next Era

No, I am not going to talk about the amazing moment in history that occurred yesterday in the land of our southern neighbors.

Well, maybe for a brief moment, just to give a tip of the hat to the US of A in congrats for what looks to be the beginning of a new Era in their political and emotional journey.

Here is hoping their changes are swift and painless and reflect well on the rest of the world as well!


ON His Big DAY!
ON His Big DAY!



Selfishly I also want to explore my own journey on this planet, this time around if I go with that reincarnation possibilities.

Today marks the end of 40 years for me.

And I am gonna celebrate for sure.

I am the youngest of my family, and am fortunate enough to speak to them all somewhat regularly. I have 8 amazing nieces and nephews that I am blessed with the chance to see on Facebook and in person to get to know them! My mom and her hubby are also within a short distance – and she’s on Facebook now too so I get poked often enough 🙂

I have a wonderful [ understatement of the year] husband who supports me in every way possible. Emotionally, he is my rock. Business wise, he is my tech guy, consultant, first line of brainstorming for new ideas. Lifewise, he is my best friend. I luv ya honey!


From our 10 year anniversary party Feb.2008
From our 10 year anniversary party Feb.2008



We have our little dog Boing to keep us company and make us laugh – and she does that often between the moments of insanity.

I have many, many friendships of all depths and levels of which I can only begin to extoll the virtues! Some are here and I see them multiple times a week, some are far away and I only touch base with them once ayear or less, but we have touched each other’s lives and hold a place in each other’s hearts.
And some are new, and developing acquaintances that may stay at this level or may blossom into close friendships, and that’s nice too!

I am part of a dance community that is supportive, talented and amazing – so very happy with that aspect of my life. May of these women are also part of my friendship circle!


At the Bay, Bayshore!
At the Bay, Bayshore!

And I love my many jobs – I get to be creative, hands on and ethereally! I get to dance, make pretty things, and try to save the planet with my endeavors.


I guess this is more of a thank you note to everyone around me for the many years of support, friendship, love, adoration, fangril and fanboy behavior you have all sent my way! [ Obviously kidding on those last few quips, kids!]

So, thank you all for the well wishes, laughter, and your presence in my life at this time.

I know that my new era and Barack’s are filled with promise and hope of even more greatness and potential for us and those who we touch!  Wow, that sounded a bit arrogant, but I’ll leave it in with the caveat that the potential and greatness comes from those around us as well as within ourselves.  Working together is what makes it all happen!

Blessed  be~

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  1. A VERY happy birthday! I’ll see you on Friday (I have a late class tonight, boo-hiss) but I wanted to say it today! Great post ^_^