December 2011 OCCP-WINNERS all around!

This is just the beginning of my uber thanks!

Thanks so much folks!

There are too many of you – you all rock – you make Ottawa so amazing as a Belly dance/ growing Bollywood dance/ fusion dance etc. Community

I know there will always be a few bugs in the system, but last night seemed to flow like magic and pass by so quickly!  I appreciate the efforts all of you dancers go to to make sure your outfits are fun/ phenomenal/ flashy and that you put in hours of class time and rehearsals to try to get those steps just right. Kudos!


Hopefully you did not throw out your ticket from last night, as the door prizes were not all collected.  if your number is here, message me, and we’ll connect you with your prize!

DOOR PRIZES- thank you sponsors!!- go check their links!!:


Eco-TAV pouches and a hip scarf bag


Liege Belgian Waffles  number 182 picked up

Waffle fun


Eurika  NUMBER 203 PICKED up

a free private lesson with me with some hand wrapped hangers (by yours truly) that are great for hanging veils.


Kare-in-Designs   35 picked up

Reversable bag


Zamira   NUMBER 278 picked up

a set of Weighted Veils and a gift certificate for a 1 hour private lesson at the recipient’s facility/location


Siddiqah  NUMBER  91 picked up

Offer a ‘fat cat’ gift certificate for a group basic beginner lesson at recipients’ home or office.


Brenda’s Room number 117  picked up

gift certificate for a Manicure with Shellac semi permanent polish


Deepali  NUMBER: 173

a free session bollywood dance with D… that’ll be worth $69.


Belly Dance with Anna and Safiya  NUMBER: 255

5-class card (can be used any time)

And my thanks to the Teachers:


Belly Dance with Anna and Safiya

Louise Houle









THANKS to all of the students – it would not be a class party without you 😀

And my thanks to the volunteers– in order of appearance yesterday!:

Michele Roy – DECORATIONS!!! She always makes the place so pretty for us!

Erika/Eurika – thanks dahling – you were a fabulous tag team stage manager/ MC/helpful person of the evening!

Brenda – thanks for jumping in and pulling out your glasses 🙂

Linda B: ALWAYS THE BEST! And you put up with “mah crazy” – so extra kudos to you!

Michele F – Always keeping things rolling as the late comers and check ins kept happening all evening – much appreciated since you didn’t even get to see the show.

Katheryne: DUDE! thanks for helping with drinkies and figuring out how to cut all of that protein with fragile cutlery!

Gailene/Zamira: always a helping hand and much appreciated!

Laura/ Siddiqah: thanks for the extra stage managing help – and the ever present camera catching the lovely dancers backstage.

Melissa: Queen of chocolate chips in a gooey sugar collective! thanks!

Our official photographer :Mike Geiger – see his work here! Photos to come – but thanks for being up to the challenge!

Tom/ Darner Media: Videos to come – once again we appreciate the record of the evening you create for us! If you performed last night and forgot to order a copy of the video, send an email to

Okay – I gotta go and start my day. AS more comes to me, I’ll add updates to this!

Happy Yule all!


7 thoughts on “December 2011 OCCP-WINNERS all around!

  1. Great show, great pace and variety…thanks for bringing us all together again Tracey! Very symbolic of Yule times; Peace, love and DANCE for all!

  2. Hello Tracey/Halyma
    Congratulations to you, Erika, all the volunteers, teachers and participants on a very successful class party on December 13, 2011, at the University of Ottawa.
    The whole evening was excellently coordinated. The program started on time, the announcements of the routines, the music, lighting, the dancers, and everything was very well done. The unique choreographies, costumes, talent, etc., etc.., of teachers and students was so marvellous to see. You were so right to say that Ottawa has a lot of talented and dedicated people. You are able to harness that and showcase it for everyone to see, creating that atmosphere for teachers and participants to believe, feel good about themselves and to demonstrate that feeling to the audience.. All of this plus your leadership, all your talents: in dancing, teaching, designing, sewing, organizing, etc., etc.,…… it is so very amazing. I am proud and happy to be part of it all as a student trying to learn to dance the eastern dances.
    I realize how challenging it is to organize and host social and educational activities and certainly understand the dedication, motivation and commitment that made this event so successful altogether with the great help of Erika/Eurika and all the other individuals.
    Good Luck with everything you endeavour in all the years ahead. A Merry Christmas and Happy, Successful New year to you and everyone.


  3. Dear Tracey and the show organizing team,
    Thank you for such a great opportunity for all of us to dance and express ourselves in your show.
    Happy Holidays to everyone!

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