#SundayBrunch moving on – the end of an era.

@wtl { aka Tom} and i have been going to Sunday morning brunch at Patty Boland’s for around 7 or 8 years – it’s been so long  we’ve kinda lost track.  It started as just the two of us, then gradually we let folks in on our little Sunday morning ritual.  And this weekend, in trickles of rumour and haphazard information we’ve been informed that the restaurant will no longer be open weekend mornings to serve breakfast.  We knew things had been slow this fall, and with many factors to consider, I am sure it’s the right choice business wise for them.

2 questionable choices:

1 – Why not go ahead and serve breakfast for one final weekend  on December  17th and 18th?  We knew the place would be closed on the 25th and Jan 1st anyway, so one more weekend would not have been the end of the world, would it?

2 – Why did you not tell your regulars personally in an email/ Facebook announcement/ Tweet?  We totally would have rocked the place this morning if we had known.

But hey, life goes on, and we’ll still frequent the place on Fridays and Thursdays when possible.

A look back:

Admittedly the best years were when Mike Libbos was our server.  He had it covered. Our table became the  testing ground for servers after he moved on, but we loved ya Mike!

Birthdays, homecomings, and socializing that might not have happened without the weekly knowledge that you could always join us for Sunday brunch have been part of our lives for so many years, change will take a bit of time.

So, 2012 will bring some new approaches.  We could just show up for lunch at noon. But that doesn’t have the same feel to it for me.  I guess it’s time to try something new and check out many of the other amazing brunch options Ottawa has.


2 thoughts on “#SundayBrunch moving on – the end of an era.

  1. Not that we went that often — maybe twice a year, but I know how much the Sunday morning brunches meant to you and Tom. So I guess the question is, where are you moving the brunch to?

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