Wow – I woke up on Sunday morning to edit the Dancers’ News and realized very emphatically that it is now December.

Last night I taught my last two  Monday evening classes of this session, and last week I had covered the Thursday classes.  Wednesdays will continue until next week- so two more classes there and that’s unusual for me.  I like my 12 week sessions but with the new location having a different system, ya gotta go with the flow, right?

Photo by WTL

December is a month of myth for me.  In my spiritual journey, I understand that December brings about the dark to encourage us to rest and reflect.  But with society’s mentality, the reverse happens, where everyone gets busier and busier with parties, visiting and shopping.

I’ll be seeking that darkness after I get through my own end of year celebration with my classes and invited performers.  My Ottawa Centre Class Party downsized last year to reflect a turn in the dance classes, and has returned to more of a semi-private event to ensure that the 250 plus dancers and close friends of dancers can come in and enjoy the fun.

I was asked how long I have been organizing this event and  while I won’t post photos from the first one in my back yard: June 13, 1999, you can use your imagination.  There’s a tarp and a sheet hanging as the “backdrop”, and a small group of lovely ladies who came out and had fun!  We’ll leave it at that!

Photo by Lainie Cambria - Click to see more!


I’ll know next week if there will be any tickets available at the door, but usually it sells out to within 10 tickets, so I don’t really advertise.  But I can chat about it as it’s a big part of my life at the moment!

It’s like a light at the end of my tunnel by this time of year.  Darkness in the morning, darkness in the evening, I join in on the usual lament!  I approach December 21st with anticipation of the shift.  And it’s a full moon this year – that’s gonna be nice if the skies are clear!

So, the class party brings on challenges and fun at the same time.  Organizing, budgeting, cajoling, and harassing folks to bring them all together in a sparkling mass of movement and music is something that I enjoy and have allowed to grow gradually over the 10 plus years that I’ve been teaching and having an end of year party.

I am so grateful for the colleagues who participate as they understand how much work it can be and help so much by being on top of their own contributions to the event.  I do delegate and each teacher is responsible for getting her own groups choreographed, costumed, practised and prepared for this fun night!  It’s a lot of work for everyone involved and I think it gives everyone a great chance to shine!

Another shot by Lainie from last December's show!

And there are always the volunteers – amazing women who are my friends and playmates in various parts of my life, and they come out and help with generous hearts at many of the events I organize!

I am in my final week of preparations, have another show to perform in on Saturday evening, some social gatherings of the season coming up this weekend too, and some responsibilities of my own to keep on top of. <sigh>

And I know that I am blessed with so much….

I think January will be my time of rest!

The first week at least…till classes start again 😀

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  1. rest assured that we all love and appreciate what becomes from all that work, the “sparkling mass of movement and music”.

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