DVD’s are ready!

It’s been a busy  couple of weeks since the Ottawa Centre Class Party, but the dvd’s are finishing up in the production line now!

We’ll be dropping them into the mail Wednesday morning – and though you’l just have to relate your memories, based on the photos seen on Lainie Cambria’s site , to your friends and family on Canada Day, you may get your copy by the weekend – early next week for sure!

If you are on the list of folks dropping by Chez T2 on Canada Day [check your Facebook events area!] then you can pick your copy up in person!  Do RSVP if you haven’t so far so that we can keep your copy outta the mail!

And resuming next week, onThursdays, you are of course welcome to join us at the Summer Practice Evenings for the rest of July!  I might miss one of two myself, but I’ll have some fabulous folks to help keep the music playing if I am not there!

Happy dancing!