Lazy news update!

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Good morning!
We are heading out to volunteer at the Can’t Stop the Serenity Charity Screening at the Mayfair theatre today – even if you cannot come, you can make a donation to support Equality Now and iSisters, our local charity! Congrats to Heather H.W. who won the pair of tickets for today’s CSTS  screening that TAV Creations donated!

June has been a fabulously dancebusy month and July is shaping up to have some great stuff too!

With Bollywood For Fun, we’ll be doing some great public shows this month too – but I don’t have everything here yet – check it on our website if you have a moment!
Check out the Dancers’ News page here for new stuff and upcoming stuff – I gotta head out!
See ya at the Mayfair if you are joining us there today!