Many thanks to everyone: OCCP-June 16, 2010

So, there it is.

I’ve peaked.

Where can I go from here…?

{ and to clarify, the “peak” I speak of is the amazing culmination of everyone’s efforts, the fabulous contributions of the Shibori Wings and neck piece and the strength of our community coming together to create such a great party!}


Photo by Lainie Cambria – Click Here for more

Veils/ Wings: Shibori Borealis and TAV Creations co- creation

Necklace: Witchy Poo Boutique [ also check out her necklaces here]

Decor: Michele Roy

Stage Management: Catharine Crerar

DVD: Darner Media

General and much appreciated help on the day, in advance, and after:

  • Linda B
  • Isaden
  • Saddiqah
  • Zamira
  • Esmerelda
  • Louise H
  • Farasha

Ottawa Browncoats:  Allison

Dancers: to all of you lovely ladies, all of you made the evening an amazing event!  Thank you!

And if I missed anyone, leave me a comment to add your commendations to really pass along our appreciation for the parts everyone plays!

While I can easily go on and on about how great the evening was, how fabulous the dancing, costumes, energy etc was, what I really want is to hear from you.

I’ll be posting some of the email comments I’ve received already, but I want more!

Who did you love?

What music were you blown away by?


What improvements can you suggest to make future shows even better?

I’ve already had one reminder that I need to tell folks to stay  in their seats during the performances, and if they need to get up – sometimes ya just gotta – to not use the entrance the dancers are using – makes for some complicated extra footwork!

Also about the flash photography lighting up the entire audience – it’s fun to take pics of course, but we gotta try to keep it simple so that the dancers are not distracted by a flash of light!

So: bring it to the comments!!

I cannot please everyone, but with every event we learn and grow and by sharing with everyone, it also helps other organizers improve their shows!

9 thoughts on “Many thanks to everyone: OCCP-June 16, 2010

  1. Congratulations Tracey,
    You pulled off another wonderful evening of fun and fantastic dancing. I thoroughly enjoyed performing after being away from it for so many years. The stage decor was great, the sound was perfect, the back stage atmosphere had just the right amount of tension, anticipation and excitement. Everything ran smoothly under your expert guidance. Kudos to the whole team.
    Looking forward to the video.
    Louise H

  2. Thank YOU for another awesome event, it was a lot of fun! If only my darn nerves didn’t get in the way I’d be up there doing a solo or duet – sigh 🙂 I hung around backstage more this time so missed a lot of the performances – thank goodness for the DVD!

    Your performance was terrific. Loved the wings, especially one move you did where you were twirling. Not exactly sure – I think you had one pointing up and the other was moving. I’ll check it out on the DVD.

  3. Thanks a million, Tracey, for putting all your work into these shows… lord knows a lot of us need the opportunity to get used to performing in a supportive venue 😉

    Your dance, costume, and those damned veils were incredible.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Marrie x

  4. You’re an awesome woman! Thanks for another great event. I can’t wait to see the video to watch the numbers I missed.

  5. OKAY – so that’s all the comments I am submitting – I swear, if there were any helpful hints other than what I said in my post, I’d put them here as well, but now it’s your turn!

    Get us all some feedback to make every show the best it can be!

  6. For all the Ottawa dancers Please accept my apologies! I was one of the ones getting up out of my seat during the show. I wanted to watch the show but also had to check up on my students who were performing. I meant no disrespect t anyone! In the end it just got too late. I had to get up at 6 the next morning. I assumed Brenda would come out of the middle of the stage not from the side. So sorry!
    The show was great. It is still rather long. If it were intended for the general public, I would say way too long, however I know that audience was mostly dancer students and teachers so I guess it s okay.

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