Family pics

As we get older, and maybe the effects of a global pandemic are influencing things too, but I think for me it is mostly getting older, I have been finding it interesting to look back at my family.

For birthdays during this year of limited contact, I’ve been perusing old photos of siblings and with the help of my talented husband, creating mini video journeys through time.

And my Aunt- who I am sure that I have met in person way back when I was a child, I have been able to connect with on social media to a degree I never would have otherwise ( waves at J!)

And she kindly has sent me photos of her siblings, including my dad, and her parents, my grandparents . She has also been spreading this journey with my cousin < Waves at another J> who again, without this amazing connector of the internet, I would barely know.

The telephone is not my thing. I have auditory issues that make listening to people irritating ( misophony May be the basis of this, but that’s a self analysis so grain of salt included).That makes email, texting and short bursts of conversation via social media a blessing for me.

But enough about why I don’t want you to call me..,

Cecil and “Eleanor “ / Jami
Jean (Seeley) holding “Eleanor”/Jami and Wilson Vibert with Grace and Bert
Cecil Vibert with Lorraine Vibert 1956…
Cecil with Lorraine