Getting into the rhythm of Fall

Hey all,

How are ya?  I am doing well!  I had a wonderfully busy summer, and was blessed with the month of August off!  This is something we work towards all year, so we relish that hammock time when we get it!  Sometimes I think that we should take more long weekends throughout the year, and if we can toss a few in this year, that would be great!

September has always been my “New Year”.  Back to school still exists for me as my new session of classes began a couple of weeks ago. Fresh starts to my sewing roster as well as I try to finish everyone’s summer projects before I leave for my holidays, and then in the first few weeks I am back, the calls {thankfully} start rolling in.

Budding Blossom Bag-09-281

I have some great new points of focus too happening this fall.  I was encouraged by a rush order for a select number my Eco-TAV products when I can back.  I have since sent off a small shipment to a distributor in Toronto, managed to get them into Arbour here in Ottawa, and have meetings this week and next to continue the momentum. And I have updated both the Eco-TAV and Artfire sites to show the new goodies available!

I also will be playing with creating some online video shows. Nothing fancy yet, it will grow as all things do in my world: baby steps and not too much horn bleating until I feel more comfy and polished.  But if you follow me in various online places, you see the hints and can check it out !  Just be gentle 🙂

And my stand-by fall events are in the planning stages – well, the Dancer’s Bazaar is almost sold out, and ready to rock on a new day!  Saturday the 24th should have a different feel to it, and there are some new vendors coming to this one which I am looking forward to seeing!  The December OCCP is just getting off the ground – possibly some changes in the air there too – but we’ll see!

Bollywood For Fun at the South Asian Festival

And Bollywood – what’s up with that!  We have been doing some serious fun with our new group, and getting some great face time!  Another new adventure for Halyma!

So, that’s my business realm in a nutshell.  Being self employed, being who I am , I seem to revolve around my variety of career choices in a way that seems to define my existence.  According to so many this would be wrong.  Or at the very least an incomplete definition of who am I.  I can accept the “incomplete”, but if I am not what I do, then I don’t know who I am. hmm…

….that’s another blog post on the way…

Til then – have a great one!