Ginger Lily

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Hard getting back to it this morning!

I had a great weekend but little time off. I know, poor me :-).

After brunch, wandering the market yesterday morning and then coming home to quickly let Boing out ( Thanks, Shade, for walking her!), I had a lovely time at the Clutch, where we were able to give M her baby blanket. Still early in her journey, but with a busy summer ahead, it seemed appropriate to pass it along to her when she was hosting!

Then I packed up and headed off to Renfrew to deliver these lovely flowers on behalf of my outta town brother, and spend some time visiting with Mom and H.

Supper out at their fave haunt, and then back into the car to head home to Ottawa.

It has been awhile since I have driven for hours on my own. I did enjoy it. Lots of music blaring, I get to sing along – no one wants to hear that! Folk are driving more and more erratically all the time though. I can see the point to re-testing for one’s license with some regularity. It is a bit frustrating and scary to see some of the moves people think are okay to pull while driving over 100 km/hour.

Well, after that harrowing experience an evening on the futon was in order, and Buffy came to the rescue. And I slept through most of the episodes. I’ll rewatch today…

But I should get some sewing done first!

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  1. I know what you mean about crazies on the roads! We went to Montreal yesterday for Mother’s Day and both on the way there and back we experienced sporty cars driven by spotty lads weaving in and out of heavy traffic on the 40 at 140 km/hr. I have a few new gray hairs, I’m sure.