Halyma~Dancing in a Mall!

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Our final event for the World Party promotion happening at The Bay. This one – Rideau Street location.
Shade and I went early – too early – remember for next time to no go so early!

Upon arrival it was difficult to get a hold of our contact as she seemed to have a lot going on, but the ladies at the Lancome counter were fun and tolerant of our hanging about and chatting!

Once we connected with our main contact, I was asked if I had a cd player with me…

I had not expected that, but had brought my small ipod player/speakers for another gig/belly~gram we were doing right after the Bay event. So, fortune smiled upon us as I approached the musicians who were playing before us. They had the perfect set up – two or three speakers connected to what – their own ipod!


They were so great to let me attach my ipod to their system and let us use it to dance! It was a life saver!  We had a blast and Shade’s mom took some fun shots of us dancing!

Then we headed off to our next gig – a birthday surprise for a friend of mine! He was shocked and we got a few other folks in the office to come out to clap and enjoy the show too! Short and sweet!

Third gig lasted less than a minute at Patty Boland’s as we gave a little pre-farewell show for Michelle – a wonderful server who takes care of Tom every Friday and me too when I am there for lunch!

She leaves shortly to bring new life to the world! We wish her all the best!

She was quite surprised when we suddenly had music and were shimmying all around her! Tried not to cause too much hassle as she was working at the time!

All in all a good day!
Happy Belly Dance blessings to you all!