The Little Red Golf returns from the spa

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My Baby is home!!!
Really – Yay!!!

She drives fine – a bit stiff from all that lounging around at the spa !

Golf Say: I did yoga!
I reply: Yoga? sure ya did yoga every morning!

Golf: Oh, and the hiking and canoeing were great!
Me: Hiking and canoeing? I know ya didn’t do that!

Me: Ya lounged, ya were pampered, ate Bon Bons and watched Oprah for the past month – I know it!

Golf: Blushes prettily….

0 thoughts on “The Little Red Golf returns from the spa

  1. Congrats on recycling your Golf… I agree that it’s a good thing to do for most of the reasons you state.

    Just a minor correction to your stats where you say you get 50mpg and that is better than a Prius on the highway.

    Not always true … my calculator says 50mpg = 4.7 liters per 100km. I drive a Prius and I get 4.6 l/km on mostly city driving.

    If people need need to buy a new car, a Prius is the way to go. All new cars will have an investment cost, as you point out. So, it’s good, as you say, to drive that investment as far as it will go. I bought my Prius second hand and I plan to drive it for a long time. Maybe you will find a second hand hybrid when your gorgeous little Golf finally wears out?

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Gillian, for your comments.

    I think it is great that you bought your Prius second hand – again keeping cars on the road – reducing and reusing until they need to be recycled!

    Let us all keep doing what we can for our planet 🙂