Halloween 2020

Things are different for sure this year.

I do actually miss the option of an evening gathering with adult friends who are as Halloween Inspired as I am.

So, while yes, I dressed up to go teach class this morning, < Part-time pattern making at my alma mater>, it was different…  Sketching teacher, Rebecca did also dress up, so that was fun.

Dr. Anathea Evermore and Wednesday Adams

Tonight I’ll probably don my garb again to lurk out front < masked and physically distant of course>, in case any kids do come around for candies at the neighbour’s…

There is a little bit of sadness at not being able to admire and encourage a big bunch of other folk who also love to dress up – even as adults!

#WitchesGatheringFolk and  #VixensVictoriousFolk I love and miss you all!

Kudos to everyone out there who did/will do something to be whacky this Halloween – and blessed by to those who are observing Samhain, honouring our dead. There has been much loss this year in my own family, so I’ll be taking some time later to reflect on the folk who have gone beyond this physical realm.

But here’s the fun again….

This year’s costume was a last minute inspiration created in about 2-3 hours < the mask, goggles and purse>, and reusing the Dr. Horrible tunic I had made a few years ago for the hubby to wear.

Click on the thumbnails to see the pics larger!

The outerwear worked with the look!

And introducing:

Dr. Anathea Evermore

The Final look! #Annoyed because someone spelled my name wrong!🥴

She seeks to change the world around her through the application of Science and Magic.

She sees the crap you are trying to pull…with or without her Lenses of Dragon Goggles…

Her eyes glow red with anger at the stupidity of non believers – those who do not believe in science, those who do not understand we are touched by magic.

She brings her Wand of Awareness with her to grant that gift upon those who lack it – sometimes gently tapping their subconscious, sometimes with a crushing blow.

She uses her powers to stitch together new concepts, repair broken dreams, and cut away the unneeded to bring new creations to life.

Measuring time and space to nurture the new ideas as they grow, she pulls them from the ether to manifest them into the physical.

Stand not in her way, and if she needs your help, she’ll ask.