Happy Samhain – or Halloween!

First – the fun began yesterday when my dog, Boing, decided she wanted to get dressed up for Halloween.  Not, I am not one of “those” per parents who actually goes out and buys her pet a clown suit and forces her to be man-handled into a costume.  I believe that Boing has a stronger character than that and she is really an actor who could be a star – if only we actually trained her 🙂  So, I helped her compose her Boing Saga blogpost and let the fun begin.  

The EVIL DOG from H*%L
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There were a few brave souls who ventured into the comments area, and then today, I remembered that WordPress and Polldaddy have joined forces and that i could actually include a little “poll”.  

I added that this morning – please go give it a test drive!  Always want to see how these things work!

The intention of this silliness was to change my own avatar for today = Samhain = to indicate a change of personality for the day – and to share some laughs at the funny shots we occasionally get of the Boing doing her thing!  We will be getting dressed up again tonight for the Witches Gathering at Barrymores here in Ottawa – it should be a fun night!

Then I thought, well maybe folks would also get a kick out of what we, as humans, have done for Halloween in the past – just cause ’tis the season…. so, a couple of pics and some video by WTL!

 T2 Gothic



Captain Mal and Inara
Captain Mal and Inara