I love the tools in my life!

I am sitting here having a quick breakfast and decided to take a moment to extroll the virtues of the various tools [ computer based stuff] that I use on a regular basis.

‘Cause I love them!
1 – Ical.

 My calendar system has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember – even when it was a paper calendar pocket book type. Now that I use mainly my online system, the Ical feature of my Mac, I can schedule in my work outlines as well as appointments, social opps, etc – all in different colours, with alarms, reminders etc. Everyone should use their own calendar systems as efficiently as possible – check your own out and see what organizational fun you can have!

2- Caloriecount.about.com
This is an online calorie counting system that I began using in September 2008. I had fallen off the wagon of counting my calories on a daily basis sometime around December, and am choosing to get back to it now. It is a little bit time consuming, but it also tracks your activities and helps set up goals and gives you a grade for how well your food choices throughout that day have been. If you are on the ever fun food awareness journey, check it out!

3 – My ipod. and my audiobooks. I am lucky enough to be able to listen while I work! So I use Itunes as well as Audible.com to feed my addiction. And I think I need to connect with a friend out there who has offered me access to his cd library of audio books too…

Where I can watch television episodes! We dropped cable a few years back and now the internet has given me the gift of television shows! Yay!

I also love my husband and my dog, and friends – and many other things in my life! But this morning I thought I should voalize my gratitude for the technology that I am blessed with!

What tools do you use that make your life easier???