It's Souk Day

Up early to finish organizing my items for my booth/table at the Ottawa Souk.
Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 9.01.28 AM
It’s wonderful to see new co-ordinators taking on the adventure and making it their own!
Congrats in advance to Jehane and Lisa-Marie for their energy and hard work in co-ordinating today’s event!
Details are here.
And I am looking forward to only having my booth, workshop and performance with Bollywood For Fun to concern myself with today!
TAV Creations-OttawaSoukWorkshop
I attended a Walrus Talk this past week and one of the speakers, Zahra Ebrahim, talked about finding others who can do what we do, so that we are redundant but not obsolete. And I connected with that so completely.
Having retired from organizing the Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar after my last one in October of 2013, and seeing others pick up the torch and give it a go, was my first step in opening myself up to other opportunities. This year, I stepped back from co-ordinating a June OCCP < Ottawa Community Class Party> and two lovely ladies, Mia and Daniya, immediately stepped up and are hosting their own event, and inviting those performers who would have been at the OCCP to join them at their Shimmy into Summer showcase.
And I am still busy. #bridalseason #bollywooddance #havingalife
Letting others have the chance to show off their skills and bring new ideas and fresh approaches to the community is a blessing and rejuvenation for us all.
At this point, I have been casually asked if/when I will give up the Dancers’ Newsletter… And it’s a question worth considering. I spend more time of late encouraging people to consistently submit their information, but often to “crickets” so, sadly, not everything gets included.
I do not pick and choose what events I’ll list – I leave that in the hands of the promoters and organizers to send me their information. But people are busy and I totally understand that.
For now, I’ll continue to offer this community service to share what information I am sent, but is everyone already seeing this information on Facebook anyway?
Do you get the Dancers’ News? Do you use the online page rather than receive the email version?  Do you even remember that it exists?
Does it help you to see the events in a list format where you can scroll through?  Or do you use Facebook to keep track of the events you plan to attend?
What about classes? Do you go online to to find the classes you want to attend, or check the school board sites directly?  Or does your teacher email you directly every session to remind you to sign up?
I’d love some comments and feedback or you can email me directly if you have thoughts but don’t want to share them publicly. or leave a comment below.
And come say hi if you are at the Souk today!