Mambo number 4


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Downstairs at Mambo is where the first part of the fun is!

We arrived just in time to spend a few moments checking out the designs of Frank Sukhoo, someone I went to L’Academie des Couturiers Canadiens with many moons ago – late 80’s! Beautiful stuff and great concept for a business here in Ottawa!

The two ladies were with me again, and the crowd was ready for a good show! Which we gave them, dancing through the crowded space and twisting and shimmying around the servers!

Shade even got the MC up to shimmy a bit too – which had the crowd going wild! What fun!

On our second set/encore dance, I was waved over by a lovely older lady who then reached into her purse and pulled out a fiver! She then proceeded to tuck it into my hip, and everyone had a great laugh! My tip managed to stay there for the rest of my dance – which was funny and cool as it waggled with every hip shake!

And it matched my costume since our CND $5 are blue 🙂

Afterwards, the owner kindly called ahead to another of her restaurants to let us have a snack in thanks for our volunteer dancing – all for a good cause, but the food at Kinki was fabulous! And unexpectedly generous!

We had a great time and that’s why I dance!