More than just news!

So, I was reminded today that my blog only has the Dancers’ News on it these days.

That’s ’cause I been busy – like crazy busy!  But that’s no excuse!  BTW: D – I am also looking forward to your next post as well on your blog 🙂

What’s been going on?

March- Dancers’ Bazaar, life, pers stuff, hubby’s b-day

April – Family stuff, life stuff, Fundraiser, Gypsy Workshop with Lynette Harper, and adding a new member to Bollywood For Fun – welcome Kalyani!

May: National Women Show; West end Bazaar, and here we are!

Okay, that’s obviously pretty condensed and not sharing a lot of details, but just for the fun of it – here’s a clip from our celebration of World Belly Dance Day at the West End Bazaar!


I’ll be trying to add more fun post event bits and oodles of feedback from the fun we keep having!

May/June and July are FULL of great events and much dancing!

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  1. sorry, but the picture that’s in my last post was so incredibly beautiful, I didn’t want to move it off the front page!

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