Morning walks…sunshine…water…moments

Hey Kids [” kids” is a positive term, reminding us to laugh and play – or act like a baby goat… your choice!]

So, I’ve been going for a morning walk every day – practically- since late January/early February and it’s been amazing.  Some mornings are tougher – cold mornings after a warm spell are killer – it just feels out of order!  I’ve also had a cold the past week so each morning has been a bit slower, but I am still getting out there.

I’ve had a lot going on lately, a lot of changes, a lot of decisions and stuff to process and think about.  The walks help me work out some of the stressful angry talk that should never be said out loud, but I can rant in my head and release it that way.

My walks last about an hour, and the first 10 minutes is often spent thinking, coffee,coffee,coffee… Then after I’ve left Bridgehead, I eat while I walk and start getting my pace set up by the time the last few dribbles of coffee are drained from my travel mug.  The next 20 minutes or so are the ranting time, organizing time, and general rehashing of whatever has been allowed to wreak havoc of my life that week/previous day or whenever!

After that, I usually hit the park nearby – either on my side of the river or the other side, depending on the route I have chosen for that morning.  When the sun shines, like today, it sparkles and dances on the surface of the river and brings me to that happy place.  And finally, I have a little while of really and truly living in the moment and seeing the beauty all around me.

I wanted to share this today as many of my friends are also dealing with a lot in their lives, and well, if this note helps you remember to find your happy place for at least 10 minutes in your busy day, then YAY…

The view almost every day!

2 thoughts on “Morning walks…sunshine…water…moments

  1. That is a very pretty view! I am envious of your daily walk taking. I haven’t gotten myself to the point where I could wake up early enough to walk to work or just around before work. Bravo tho! 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous view to see! Finding time for one’s thoughts is sometimes a challenge but when you get to have “in the moment” part it feels just so good. Just looked at the calendar in my head for the next while. Lots of dancing which I love but I get to share that will good friends. I love happy places! 😀

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