Morning walks

Many of you know that I try to get out and get in a walk every morning to start my day.  Some of these walks take me along beautiful parkland and waterfront with birds and turtles and squirrels and groundhogs and all sorts of fun natural scenery.

Other days I have errands to run and end up along the concrete and pavement settings with old buildings and new, early morning folk setting up in the Byward Market, still some squirrels and mainly pigeons as my wildlife influence.

This morning was a “city walk” and as I was ambling along Rideau on my way to the 24 hour grocery store, I was travelling behind a woman who was walking as if under the influence…  I cannot say for sure that she was, but her twitchy walk, huge sun glasses on a very cloudy morning, and repetitive stroking of her hair  seemed to indicate there was a good chance she was.  And even if she wasn’t, it got me thinking.

I have never done drugs, so I cannot describe the feelings of being on drugs, but i have consumed alcohol to the point of , well, to a variety of levels and have some awareness of the changes I go through if i have been drinking.  Mainly these days I just get tired, which might explain why I become a bit of a mean drunk – or maybe it’s just that I have such a wry wit when sober, but hold back… 🙂 friends are eye rolling right now, I know!

But without any knowledge of actual drug use, I do often feel like my morning walks begin in a stressed out, twitchy stupor, my mind racing through the what-ifs and should-haves of yesterday, jumping back and forth with the must-dos and oh-craps of the coming day.  So along I go, trying to let it all settle, while getting my body to move in a symmetrical fashion to counteract the growing asymmetrical musculature I develop through the heavy sewing months.

And sometimes I wonder if this is what it’s like to be on drugs.  So much going on so quickly in my little head ! And I do feel twitchy 😀

I know I make the choices to fill my life with creative and exciting activities and obligations.  I know that I could say no more often and I am working on that, along with time management and personal limitation awareness.

And my brain continues to bounce around from one thing to another until my ical alarm goes off giving me 15 minute warning to get back to living in the moment, and get ready for what life is bringing next.

BEEP BEEP BEEP – and off I go!

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