Saturday’s Crew

Saturday's Crew by Halyma
Saturday’s Crew, a photo by Halyma on Flickr.

On day 1 of the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers, some of Ottawa’s beautiful belly dancers came together under the umbrella of my “Belly Dancing For Fun” group to go out and cheer on the walkers. We could see the smiles from half a block away as folks were approaching the pit stop. There was even a chance that they were glad to see us, though we could tell for many it was the long line of little blue plastic buidlings that really caught their attention!

Thanks to Melanie, the pit stop leader for welcoming us once again to camp out at her pit stop and be a part of this great weekend!

And thanks to Saturday’s Crew for making the morning fun!

Really looking forward to Day 2 as well!  See some of you in a few hours!