Naughty Baking day… yeah, that's weird…

So, I care a lot about what foods I offer to my friends and family.  And I care what I offer to my husband too.
And so, I send a lot of time researching and trying out/ creating/ experimenting with a variety of recipes that are:

  • Nut free
  • Dairy free
  • Sugar free
  • Gluten free
  • Egg free
  • general vegan

And then sometimes I just need to pull out my old cookbook from before I met all of these amazing people who have food restrictions and bake.
I won’t bother with posting recipes because you can just do a search on standard recipes from Betty Crocker, Joy of Cooking, or one of those women’s Community group cook books that are full of crazy classic recipes!
And as soon as I’m done putting everything away, I’ll be doing a full cleaning of all surfaces and tools and utensils to make sure they are all cleaned up before I start my batches of Conscientious Baking for our annual gathering this coming weekend.
I’ll still label things as I cannot limit everything, but I can make things clear and safe!

Peanut butter cookies
Peanut butter cookies

Shortbread crescents

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies


2 thoughts on “Naughty Baking day… yeah, that's weird…

  1. I like to do that occasionally too… but I have to use GF flours. I’ve learned the best substitutions for most of the old recipes and have gotten pretty good at making them work. In some cases it’s hard to tell the difference. Otherwise… I only have me to worry about until I head out to a gathering. Then I have to do the check for guest allergies and apply the list as needed:
    Nut free
    Dairy free
    Sugar free
    Gluten free
    Egg free
    general vegan
    And avoid the strawberries, pineapple, shellfish/seafood/fish, etc.
    It forces me to step away from the tried and safe, and go for something new.
    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. OMG….I thought it was tough with my friends and family. I have one vegetarian, several who prefer vegetarian but will eat small amounts of meat (ie. in my husband’s curries!), one kid who is paleo, one who is pescatarian, and one who eats everything provided the animals were treated well or organic. That leaves all kinds of flexibility! Oh…and no allergies or sensitivities with the small children in my child care. We do lots of organic to try to keep it that way…and no red meat nor farm raised fish! My cooking and baking life is sooooo easy!

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