Open Practice evenings…

The movement of a skirt - doesn\'t it make you wanna dance!
The movement of a skirt - doesn't it make you wanna dance!

What a great start to the summer of relaxing dance. On average, we have been a collection of about 8 dancers – sometimes more, sometimes less. Some are more advanced, some are total beginners coming out to see what it is all about! For those, I suspect it is even more intimidating, but they seem to be enjoying themselves and connecting with some of the fabulous ladies in the community!

The idea is to have a space to just come out and dance – no “following the teacher”, no “leading the class”, just dancing for our own development and exploration. And a great way to socialize with each other in a time and place where we are not busy getting ready to perform, or sell things, etc.

This past week we were able to temporarily move into a larger room – which made it even more fun as Megan and I were able to chat and place with uber veil possibilities! Something to percolate on for my Creative Intermediate come September!

So, I thank everyone who has come out so far and encourage others to give it a try. You won’t be forced up to the “front” all of the time! Everyone gets a chance to use the mirrors to practice and “see” how they are doing, and everyone gets some time to “hide” in the back and relax. I have found it a great chance to try some of those moves I don’t get to do when teaching – it gives me the chance to explore what I have learned over the years with other teachers!

It’s all about the fun!

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