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And It's September – time to get dancing again!

Yes, thanks, I have a wonderful holiday!  And now it’s time tog et back to work with both my sewing and dancing!
Have you signed up yet for your class of choice?  If not, please head over to my Schedule page and find one that works for you! I’m mainly offering belly dance through the City of Ottawa and Bellywood is being offered privately through me!
And register – details are with each class!!
Pushy, eh?
Well, I know I want to get creating some new fun stuff and I need lovely dancers to play with, so I hope to see you in a couple of weeks!

Some of my recent students in action!
Some of my recent students in action!


Come dance? Summer Playtime: half class/half practice

The idea:
Drop in for bellydance time in a studio space with mirrors.
It is Air conditioned- though we don’t always feel it.
I would teach a bit, and then you would have free time to play. And if you just want to practice on your own, that’s fine too – the fee is to cover the room rental fees.
You’ll have room to practice your own thing with veils, wings, zills stick, almost anything!
Tuesdays from June 17 to July 22
-6:30 to 7:30p.m.
Location: 172 Guigues – Free parking < entrance off Cumberland just north of St. Patrick>
$65 for 6 weeks 
Drop ins $15/ personTo Register for the full session:
Send me an email at halyma@bellydancingforfun.com and an email itnerac or Paypal payment of $65.  Or pay me in cash the next time you see me 🙂
 join the Facebook event
Link back here if you like this poster!

Open Practice evenings…

The movement of a skirt - doesn\'t it make you wanna dance!
The movement of a skirt - doesn't it make you wanna dance!

What a great start to the summer of relaxing dance. On average, we have been a collection of about 8 dancers – sometimes more, sometimes less. Some are more advanced, some are total beginners coming out to see what it is all about! For those, I suspect it is even more intimidating, but they seem to be enjoying themselves and connecting with some of the fabulous ladies in the community!

The idea is to have a space to just come out and dance – no “following the teacher”, no “leading the class”, just dancing for our own development and exploration. And a great way to socialize with each other in a time and place where we are not busy getting ready to perform, or sell things, etc.

This past week we were able to temporarily move into a larger room – which made it even more fun as Megan and I were able to chat and place with uber veil possibilities! Something to percolate on for my Creative Intermediate come September!

So, I thank everyone who has come out so far and encourage others to give it a try. You won’t be forced up to the “front” all of the time! Everyone gets a chance to use the mirrors to practice and “see” how they are doing, and everyone gets some time to “hide” in the back and relax. I have found it a great chance to try some of those moves I don’t get to do when teaching – it gives me the chance to explore what I have learned over the years with other teachers!

It’s all about the fun!

The details are here: http://www.tav-creations.com/events/event-details.cfm?id=61