Summer so far…

… has been BUSY!
First – super belated thanks to everyone who participated in the June 9th #OCCP35.  We had a blast as always and I appreciate you all.
I received some lovely personal notes afterwards that reminded me of why I spend the hours and days preparing a safe place for our community to show off what they have learned, and I continue to be amazed at the phenomenal artistic adventures we are taken on by all of the teachers at every OCCP.
Housekeeping notes: there were some lost items that will have photos posted soon on both the flick group and the Facebook page – Cat/Suhani as well as Mia have these items.. If you lost something that evening, drop me a line and I’ll connect you with the ladies.
Also unclaimed door prizes:
If you had the ticket number listed, You have a prize awaiting you!
#132 – EcoTav Haversack
#219 – Duniya Studio Free Drop in
#100 50% off Duniya Studio Registration

If you have your ticket still, message me to claim your prize! Or if you tell me you had that number….
and the links:
Facebook – where you can find RSVPhotography photos < scroll through the comments>:
Flickrgroup: Remember to use any of these photos you should be asking permission of the photographer first and giving credit to them.
Ok. that’s what I got for ya re the OCCP.
Next day, I was back at Luxe working on wedding gowns and then rushing home to work on prom dresses for my TAV clients.  so life has not really stopped.
IMG_8277I’ve also been having fun with Bollywood For Fun – and even today we will be out at Community Cup – hoping the rain takes a break for a while this afternoon!
We did manage a weekend with our families on Father’s Day weekend – with a lot of driving and some lovely socializing, it was very nice to shift focus away from work for a couple of days.
and every morning that I have time, I try to get in a walk so that I can see sights like this:
and otherwise I’m seeing this:

What? You are gone all day and now you come home expecting me to cuddle?

So, I will be continuing to dance and sew and look forward to when this will be my view – hope you are having a great summer so far as well!

Scene from Pog lake
The view from the Hammock at Pog Lake

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  1. I had a chuckle of he views u would see if u stayed home….I get out for walks so I do not stress out over my endless decluttering I have to do…it does get tiring…ha ha cheers

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