Technology and its uses…


Am I getting swept away?  I have a new Blog, I have joined Twitter – what’s up with all of it?I am constantly online, checking email,  updating events, checking on what anyone in my various circles of friends are doing and does it add to my existence?

In a lot of ways, yes, it does.  I work at home, so it is a great way to connect with people on a social level that I would only get for about 6 -8 hours during the week – maybe a bit more during the summer months when I see sewing clients more often.For people who work in an office buidling, who see co-workers on a regular basis, have to be approachable and ready to be talked to at any given moment, I cannot imagine how disruptive it is.  When I am out working on contract [which happens when I sew for another local designer] I see the double edged sword of sharing a workspace and having to be ready to chat at any given moment.  While I used to work that way, when I worked for her full time, I have really changed how I work, and peace and quiet serve me best these days when I need to focus.

 I may grumble about getting emails [ ding! ] during my work time, but I do have a choice in this matter. I am actually quite grateful that the email checking and  online time is something I can simply turn off.

Sort of.

I get work through my online activities.  Both students for dance classes, group and private, as well as sewing clients find me online and many times have been very happy to receive a reply within moments of contacting me via email.  It makes their decision to hire me a little bit easier.  Besides being able to read all about me and how I do things with my website. 

These are my jobs – sewing and dancing.  I don’t have a full time job to pay my rent and then do these jobs on the side.  And I love it.  Some days I wish I had benefits.  I can look into that – another choice.  Some days my boss is a pain in the butt – but that’s when I really want to hit the couch for some DVD time , and instead toss it into the mac mini and watch LoTR while I work on an epic wedding!Well, technology has allowed me to do a lot more than I ever thought possible,  but I still have to go to another room to shower when I am getting ready to head out.

 See ya,T/H    

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  1. Hey, I found you! I’m liking the look of this new blog.

    Did you really just say that you don’t have a full-time job? I don’t think I’ve ever met anymore who has more of a full-time job than you do!