Thursdays always bring on the fun!

-) SO, I set this up yesterday and now I am trying again.

 Class was great fun last night, and a lot of progress was made on the routines. With only one more week of this session, and a new session beginning in April, the spring is in sight!

My life schedule pretty much runs by my calendar of events and classes and shows. As events and shows are booked, the little blocks on my paper calendar that hangs before my computer fills with ink. Weekday evenings are already filled in before I turn the page to the next month with classes scheduled at the beginning of the year.

The other events come in via email bookings or the occasional phone call.  Birthday parties, bridal showers, ladies’ nights, all have a different flavour and elements of fun to them, keeping me on my toes.Monthly changes in size adds to my excitement when it comes to putting on my costumes for each  event.  The lessons are fine – everything I wear for a simple lesson involves a version of leggings or yoga pants or harem pants and a stretchy top.

 The performances involve a bit more thinking.  More on that in future posts – cannot give it all away at once!

Well, I am off to youtube to post the latest class practice for the ladies to see how they did – or how I did since it was mostly me on screen!