Thank you to all of the Seekers of Knowledge…

I was thinking this morning about how much effort it takes to get out and walk around in Ottawa in January; which then progressed to how I hope the side walks have settled back into walkable surfaces by next week, when I hope to being walking to classes in the evenings.

And then I thought about the participants in my classes who has made the commitment to get out there each week and join me in our learning adventure in dance.

So… wow…thanks ladies.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 7.05.57 AM

It’s not that I am just realizing now how amazingly important it is having willing victims, er, I mean, students, in order for this path I am on to continue, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded that without them, my life would change significantly.

Maybe I would sign up for lessons myself, if I had more available time….

Maybe I would do more art….

Likely I would spend a lot more snuggle time with SprocketMinPin during these cold winter months and not be as active as I should be { knowing oneself is important too}.

Check her blog at
Check her blog at

So THANK YOU to everyone who has chosen to come play with me and force me off the futon!

Whatever classes run next week, know that I super grateful for you! And we’re gonna play with zills– just a heads up !

Here’s some of my ladies doing their thing at one of our volunteer events – Keeping it fun!: