Thanks Ottawa for the greenspaces – they are important…

This morning, my weekly newsletter was a bit later than I had intended as I apparently needed an extra long walkabout in my nearby parks.
IMG_8854My life is such that during the spring and summer, I do not get as much time outside as other folk might, and the fall brings me renewed freedom to get out and enjoy the parks and pathways near my home.
I live in the heart of the city, maybe the right ventricle for folks who consider centre town to be the “heart – I’ll give them the left ventricle.  The Byward Market/ Lowertown area is full of character and a mix of old and new housing, families that have lived here for generations, gardens that are overrun with weeds and gardens that  are tended with love and artistic beauty.  And parks. and the Rideau River, as well as the connection to the Ottawa River, where water cascades over a small waterfall.
I grew up in a small town and I find this area of Ottawa to replicate that experience. There is a comfort in living here. I know many of our long-time neighbours, and we see many transitory folks as they come through for the school year, and if they are “trouble”, they don’t stay for long. “Trouble” is defined as requiring phone calls to 911 – otherwise, they might party  bit here and there, but in general, keep to themselves.
IMG_8389Back to the greenspaces – What blessings they are. We have our own park less than 2 blocks away, and it connects to 3 other parks with either fairly clear pathways or a little bit of “city walking” over a coupe of bridges.  The sound of leaves rustling, while the sunlight is glistening on the water, that kind of thing just refreshes the soul.
And I know there are many other areas in Ottawa that have similar blessings, so thank you, City of Ottawa/ NCC – keep our greenspaces alive for us, as they are a much needed balm for the stress and wackiness of life.

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  1. Absolutely! I just had my mom and step-dad here from Saskatchewan-and they live out in the country, so when I started showing them around, they still felt like there were a lot of people, but were impressed with the green spaces.

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