The morning after…#snowmageddon2016

Well, that’s dramatic isn’t it.
February 16, 2016 gave Ottawa a record snowfall:
The Citizen
The Globe and Mail
And my window/ street:

Late afternoon Feb 16, 2016

8 am Feb 17, 2016

Last night, when @wtl came home, I knew he would be grabbing the shovel and heading out to do some community shovelling #ottawashovel. So I grabbed the second shovel, and helped a bit too.
I had already called a ” Snow Day” for our dance practices, as I strongly believe that if you do not HAVE TO go out, STAY HOME. Let the city do it’s work and don’t be adding to the vehicles on the road.
Emergency service workers, people picking up children from school, people trying to get home from work, you all HAVE to be out, but are more likely to stay off the roads as soon as you can. Otherwise, why would you put yourself and others into a situation that merely contributes to potential accidents and delays for the people trying to clear the roads.
T2 personal sidewalk

I a very grateful that my back has healed enough for me to be a functionally walking and shovelling person again, so that I could help out with some of the neighbours driveways, and on a completely selfish note, I knew I would want to walk this morning, so I made sure to shovel my own sidewalk along our block to King Edward. And I was very glad to have it this morning as Sprocket could walk easily along it, and not be buried with every 3rd step.
Having gone for my coffee walk this morning – it’s gorgeous out, and great for a workout, walking along through the pile of snow- I wanted to make some suggestions and things to consider, based on what I have already seen between 7 and 8 a.m. this morning.
1 – Do you really have to drive today? REALLY?
2 – If you do have to drive today SLOW DOWN PLEASE.
3 – Pedestrians are taken care of LAST, so they are walking ON THE ROAD, because there is NO SIDEWALK for them. SLOW DOWN.
4- Even if there is a side walk, Pedestrians will also likely have to MOUNTAIN CLIMB to cross intersections, OR WALK ON THE ROAD.
5- SIDE STREETS ARE NOT PLOWED – Why are you trying to drive onto one?
6- Consider paying FOR PARKING TODAY if you really have to drive instead of trying to park on side streets.
7 – If you see someone has cleared some snow already- a path, a space for their garbage cans, access for their stroller/car etc., DO NOT PILE SNOW THERE!
These are merely suggestions, and some folks will take offence, and that’s fine.   And many folks will be able to stay off the roads today as they planned in advance as we were provided with advance weather forecasting that told us there “might” be a storm coming through.
Maybe one piece of advice to cover it all:

Be kind today.