So I bought some plantains and wanted to give them a try.

The little tag on them indicated green is good for frying and yellow is good for grilling.

So they were in the 50% off area showing yellow through some black and I guesssd these cousins to bananas should still be fine even at this colour.


Then the search for how to cook them… most recipes involved some serious frying in oil.

But this Baked Tostones one from seemed like a less ominous option!

Microwaved for 6 minutes after scoring along two sides.
Approx 10- 12 chunks of hot plantain!

Smashed, sprayed and salted in 425 degree oven!

At the halfway point, freshly flipped.

Will let you know how they taste in a while!


Enjoyed them with salad, and some bbq chicken- and a cider! Yum!!