Tracey gets a Detox treatment…


The Rinse Cycle!
The Rinse Cycle!

Okay, I am almost grounded again, but still a bit heady – I suspect I will need to lie down for a while before heading out to see Wicked tonight, but I wanted to let everyone know about my treatment today.  A bit of a review/recommendation and general interest sharing.  And as G. pointed out when we ran into each other in the waiting room of the MacLaren Centre, ” I never read anything about this kind of thing in your blog” – so here it is!


Why have I not written about my healing treatments that I get?  Because in the summer <sniff> I don’t get them!  I don’t have time when I am making wedding dresses.  I don’t have time in the spring when I am planning the end of year party and organizing students to perform. It’s all very sad…well, not really!  

When I do have a break – like this week, while I am on holidays from my two businesses – I am able to take advantage of the many connections/colleagues and friends who do provide a variety of wonderful healing/energy services.  Today’s treat for me was with my good friend, Julie Tierney, colleague in belly dance, and talented and intuitive healer of a variety of modalities { reflexology, reiki, massage and her latest find, ion cleansing aqua foot treatment}.

The idea: Sit in a comfy chair with an elastic wrist band that holds a little metal bit against your arm and stick your feet in a basic of water that has a black doodad in it that is connected to a little machine on the table called “ion cleanse”.  Images of Keanu Reeves in Constantine aside, it is quite a relaxing experience.  I was booked for the foot treatment and a bonus reiki treatment while I was percolating, uh, relaxing, and I thoroughly enjoyed both!

As Julie was giving the treatment, she would tell me of images,etc. she was receiving as she went along.  All very interesting and most were very attuned with what I had been mulling over in my head on my walk over.  I have always been open to “receiving messages” as a means to help me process whatever is on my mind, or remind me of things that I may have forgotten in my mundane activities, so it was a real treat.

I am also very quickly taken into a place of buzzy/heady/energetic relaxation, so once the treatment was finished – about 30 minutes plus some time to settle back into the feet etc. – I was still pretty funky for the walk home.  Kinda dreamy, kind of out of it – but not dangerously so – just floating…

If you have a chance to give it a try, even if you are skeptical about the science of it { I can say nothing about that, not having looked into it at all}, the relaxation alone is enough to make it worthwhile.  The gross colour change in the water, and bizarre floating things, well, Whatever!  If it pulled particles out of my body through my feet, and they coagulate into visible remnants in the water, cool.  If it is something else, no worries, it was a great experience anyway!


After 30 minutes
After 30 minutes

0 thoughts on “Tracey gets a Detox treatment…

  1. Cool!

    I had heard about this a couple of years ago, but never really did anything about it. I used to go “floating” at Crystal Seas when they were in the market and did quite enjoy the “high” afterward.

    Maybe this is somethign new to try.

  2. I checked out the machine after seeing it at the bazzar on Sunday. I was really impressed wit the demonstration and thought anything that can take toxins out of the body like that is something pretty awesome. It took a lot of research on the web. Most of the information out there is written by people selling the machine or treatments. some of the sceptics mentioned however that the colour of the water is caused by the effect of the salt water on the machinery of the gizmo casing it to rust. the specks is the skin flakes picking up the dirt in the water and the reaction of that kind of stuff. Well you get it… the negative ions are definatley doing something, they are pulling, they will pull from the water, from the air and I would like to think our feet too. but the colour of the water is not the indicator. Nor would I trust the colour charts. In my mind I would like to do more exploration.

    Well that’s it for now.

  3. Neg. IONs can be relaxing but the color in the water is a reaction with soap, body oils/salts and the ions pushed from the machine. Everything has ions, just some things have an excess easily pushed about and others are attracting ions (like purified water). I doubt this process is harmful as long as the sessions are short. I do believe it can give an indication whether the body is alkaline or acidic.

  4. Thanks Rob and Michelle – good to hear different perspectives and increase awareness!

    I am happy to have the occasional treatments for the purpose of relaxation and the buzz I get from the foot soak/reiki combination! I know the practitioner herself has found some amazing results [ including dramatic changes over time – must get her to post her story here too!]