How we live without cable….

A few years ago, we decided to cut our cable.

We had a mid-range package that got us a fair amount of Star Trek and home decorating shows – both of which contributed to major distractions throughout our work days. As we are both self-employed and have our offices at home, it was easy for us to lose a lot of time caught up in these shows. We realized that it was a problem!

So, we cut our cable, and moved into the realm of purchasing DVDs.  We would do our best to stick to ones on sale or older ones with the occasional splurge.  Soon we had to move our book shelves into the bedroom and pick up 3 DVD shelves from IKEA.  When we filled those immediately, [ really, we bought the shelves and loaded them up with the DVDs we already owned, and had no more room! ] we bought two more.  I just bought another one that will be assembled this week, as more DVDs are piled up on the filing cabinet!!  This collection provides endless background noise while I sew and a great way to crash at the end of the day for both of us.  We like to re-watch our faves, so, no worries.

Then I started to miss television. WTL mentioned in passing one day a few months ago that CTV is offering some of its more popular shows online and I was immediately drawn into watching entire seasons online, legally, for free, yay!  Highly recommended!

But sometimes you need something new, independently created and just fun to watch.

Welcome to the internet, youtube, itunes, and so much more!

I have been enjoying a plethora of online productions with my hubby for the past few years.  Quick and fun or long and informative, we have a fabulous 30 minute or so break at lunch and are entertained by the creativity that abounds online.  Yes, there is a lot of crap, and there are a lot more shows that just the ones that we have found.  We’ll keep finding more as we go along, but I thought I would compile a short list of the present faves that we subscribe to, have purchased where applicable, and encourage you to enjoy!

Not in any particular order:

And that’s only the beginning!  WTL will probably create his own Blog post at some point, adding to the list as he does listen to more CBC podcasts and Tech and Geek oreinted news – and there are loads of those out there!

So, along with reading my wonderful blog, I hope you check out some of these shows and expand your internet horizons!

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