10 Tips for Shopping at the Dancer’s Bazaar!

After a short conversation at last week’s Sunday Brunch, it was suggested that one of our brunch gang should write up a how-to guide for those coming out to shop at the Dancer’s Bazaar – and that can be used for any event!

I think that everyone has a plan when they come to the Dancers’ Bazaar – and I am hoping that you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments below – give some sage advice, share some awareness, whatever works!

But here are some general ideas to get you percolating!

1 – Check your coat – it just makes it easier to navigate the aisles and try things on!

2- Bring a tote bag or two. Or it you have a big list, bring a larger suitcase and check it with your coat!  You can always pack things into it through the afternoon!

3- Bring cash. UPDATED INFO: There is now an ATM Machine in the hall – but know that there are fees of course!While a small number of vendors can accept Visa/MC/AMEX, most cannot.  Or plan to go out and get cash after you’ve had a first looksee! And try to have some smaller change too – most vendors try to bring a good float, but it helps if you have the correct amount for those smaller pieces!

4-If you are trying to match a piece you have already, bring it along! You cannot be sure of colours, even of gold and silver, unless you have some part of your costume there for reference.

5- Quality costs. If you are a new dancer, you may not need to invest $60 plus in a hip scarf, and the $15-$25 ones will do you just fine.  But if you really want to have a piece that will last a while, check the stitching, and note the price – usually, the quality items will cost a bit more, but it is worth the investment.

6- Negotiations. This one is a tough topic – some vendors are really wanting to move their stuff and are willing to haggle a bit in order to get the piece gone, but still at a fair value for them.  Often this can be the case with used pieces, or if you are buying a larger ticket item, you might be able to get a discount on some other pieces.

Be aware that artisan/designer/one of a kind pieces are all more labour intensive than something that was imported in bulk from overseas…and think about it before asking that designer/artisan to drop the price on their pieces.  Often we are not actually asking a price that realistically reflects the time, creativity and supplies involved.

7- Wear something easy to get in and out of! A tank top over a good bra and leggings, under a loose fitting tunic or dress will not only let you be in style these days, but will also allow you to whip on skirts, try on bedleh sets  and more without having to wait in line at the changing rooms.

8- Bring a portable cd player and headphones. This is a bit iffy as most new cds will be shrink wrapped.  But you can easily check on used ones if you have your own system to play them on.

9- Be spatially aware. The Dancer’s Bazaar flows in waves of people.  There are times when it is quieter and there are booths that will be rockin the whole 4 hours.  If you are coming in with a huge backpack, and/or a baby carriage, think about maybe bringing along a friend to help watch your stuff, in a spot that is out of the way.

10-SMILE. This is fun – say hi to the vendors, the volunteers, and keep your energy light!  Remember that most vendors cannot “chat” for very long, but being pleasant makes the whole day more fun!

And finally – go vote for what you want to see at the Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar on the Bazaar Shopping POLL!

Add you comments below to share any good advice you have for the day too!

4 thoughts on “10 Tips for Shopping at the Dancer’s Bazaar!

  1. The CD/DVD this is a great idea for vendors to think about when then want to sell use items. I might bring my little DVD player just for that purpose. Looking forward to doing some browsing when I get a moment. But it’s a great list.

  2. Great top ten! I would add bringing a snack and a bottle of water if you are going to be there the whole time, because all that shopping can get intense!

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