Back to school week – well for me at least

Of course, September mens back to school. And for regular students, it began a coupe of weeks ago.  For me it began this week.

Teaching evening dance classes as part of the City of Ottawa and Old Ottawa South Association community centre adult courses, September always brings with it a sense of renewal but also uncertainty.  I never can know how enrolment will be until the week of the first classes.  The same happens for all “luxury” type courses.  When money is tight, or the enrolment system is not easy, potential participants have to choose what they best options are for their lives and sometimes our classes don’t run.

This fall my schedule has reversed itself from normally having Monday classes and my Thursday classes not running, to having no classes on Monday evening and a single class on Thursday.  Thankfully Tuesday’s two classes have a minimum number – and while there is still more room in those classes, the changes there involve location – so nothing is ever the same!

And what? My sewing level 1 class is full to overflowing!  That starts tomorrow so I better get on that today too!

Being self employed allows me to, er wait, forces me to roll with the waves of change. My sewing business has been rocking it on an upswing, especially with my linking up with the ladies at Luxe Bridal, and my own constant intentions to provide good service for all of my clients. So as the dance classes shift and change each season, I have learned to take advantage of their slowing down { at one time I was teaching 9 classes a week, between Community centre courses and private lessons} to happily focus on bridal – which is really an all year round business now.

So, this morning, I know my dance schedule for the fall- other than when the heck we are going to schedule our Bollywood For Fun Practices as Diwali is coming!  I have dresses to work on, and the final stages of the Ottawa Browncoats fundraiser on September 29th to co-chair.

I also get to look forward to some October events that I am NOT planning, but will be attending and am enjoying the freedom that comes with attending and helping, not herding the cats.

All in all, Back to school time is the most wonderful time of the year !