DANCERS’ News – some changes in the air

Good morning,

Over the past month or so, we’ve been having some major website issues with my main website and I cannot begin to express how frustrating it has been, so I won’t go there.  This past week brought a busy trade show weekend and personal family issues without a lot of spare time to deal with web problems

For everyone who has subscribed to receive the Dancer’s News in their email, I am strongly suggesting that you sign up to receive the posts from this website – there is a sign up option in the upper left corner of the blogpage – take advantage and while WordPress does occasionally have problems too, you’ll be able to continue to get the news in your email easily.

I have spent the past two hours setting up a new Online version of the Dancers’ News as a Page here on my blog.

You can find it here:

Please check it out to see the new titbits , the updates to the Spring Classes and more.

I have to head off for a day at the Go Green Expo, otherwise you would have received the regular updates only version of the news today.

Hoping that next week will bring about some easy changes to the system for us all – in the meantime, please have patience with me as I try this new way!