Peaceful Sunday

I am blessed to live in a part of Ottawa that is close by a beautiful waterfront area and parks and wildlife is mainly small but loud – though some of the geese get pretty big.  This morning’s walk was a gentle moment in time worth remembering….

A few hours later at about 10 a.m., as we were walking to our weekly Sunday brunch, this sound suddenly erupted into the air, making me need to yell to converse with my hubby who was walking right beside me.

This video was shot at 12 noon, so it’s actually 2 hours after the bells began.  I cannot imagine how the folks who live near this church must suffer.  It’s loud, I don’t care what purpose it serves, it does not need to go on for so long nor does it need to be that loud.  If your parishioners are not on your mailing list, it’s because they know what time to show up for church!