Why I like my chosen “ruts”

I do a lot. In my busy life, there are a few elements that could be misconstrued as, “ruts”. These often repeated, quietly low energy happenings are what keep me going.
Like Datenight:


We added some gingerbread coloured spice to Datenight back in late November 2012. Sprocket adds a bit of exercise.
“What, you need to go out again ?!”
But otherwise blends comfortably into the pattern established a few years ( decade?) back that WTL and I need to ensure at least 1 evening per week got us to just chill. Sometimes we get 2 nights in a row, and that’s awesome.

I also like having a generally settled schedule for my classes- it changes every season a bit depending on enrolment, but if time opens up due to a cancelled class, that’s gravy. I am self employed, but having a framework of steady commitment gives me some balance.

We also have an established summer vacation, which I equate yo going to our own nylon cottage for 3 weeks. We have been going up to our favourite park, choosing our favourite sites and settling in for over 16 years. Some might consider it a rut, since we are not open to giving it up. But seriously:

Yet another beautiful sunset

And realistically, I am open to change, but I am slowly learning when to hold fast to my own chosen comfort zones. They keep me happy, they allow me a basecamp feeling from which my new adventures can start.

No one knows what others need to keep sane, so remember to take care of your own, and respect that the “ruts” of others may be the only thing keeping them the cheerful folk they seem to be.

And if you don’t consider them cheerful now, imagine how bad it could get if you mess with their comfort zones!

Telling people to push their boundaries and get out of their comfort zones should be reserved for trainers and coaches who have been asked/ paid to say this to their clients.

And I am never talking about the obviously unhealthy habits that folks { including me} get stuck into, knowing the difference between a Chocolate addiction and a well deserved tradition, are very different.

I think I am REALLY looking forward to August this year!


2 thoughts on “Why I like my chosen “ruts”

  1. I know that C. and I, and many others, see you and you routine as the anchor in our circle and our community. Steadfast, stalwart, reliable, dependable, like mom’s kitchen, pulling us in. It’s so nice that we have something we can always count on.

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