Teenagers – of the furry variety…

We used to have a Miniature Pinscher named, Boing.


She was about 10 years old when she went “over the rainbow bridge” as pet people say.  That was almost 3 years ago.  It took us a while to decide it was time to get another fur baby, and we knew we wanted to take in a rescue. so we searched out options on minpinerie.ca and sent in our application one fateful Friday in November 2012.  Within less than 2 weeks, we met and welcomed a dose of whacky into our worlds.

We now have Sprocket, another Min Pin, who turned 1 in January.

IMG_2098She’s brilliant, creative, stubborn and awesome.  Similar in some ways and totally different in others. and young.  She’s at that age where her puppy looks are gone, she’s just straight up adorable min pin now. Quirky ears, crazy eyes and she tilts her head into the most adorable curious, “Aruu?” look almost 50 times a day. And it’s a challenge and a blessing.

She makes us laugh and she drives me insane.20130111-194608.jpg 20130111-194557.jpg 20130111-194549.jpg 20130111-194543.jpg 20130111-194518.jpg

OMG- Squirrels. I cannot get the camera phone out to get a shot of her interacting with the squirrels in our back yard, as she is pulling so hard I am afraid I am going to drop it.  But imagine the sound of a little puppy screaming that she absolutely has to have that SQUIRREL NOW!!!! for 5 minutes straight.  If you have heard how high pitched a human toddler can sound when having  demanding moment, it sounds just like that. really.

She is training me as much as I am attempting to train her, and Tom is a human min pin himself, so they have an ongoing wackiness that also make me laugh and then drives me crazy.


So, if you are ever bored and need a chuckle, head over to see her blog. or follow her on twitter. Yeah, she’s a #dogthatblogs… Also check out her #lapdogDuJour pics – I think it’s cute…

And thanks to @rustylinda on twitter for this wordfoto:sprocketwordfoto


This post actually was interrupted by in house crazy and @wtl mentioned it seemed unfinished when he read it last night.  As in, ” You seemed to be trying to make a point, and then never did.”


Anyone who has met Sprocket, knows about the “JumpGrappleChew” greeting, the chew toys and the general insanity of a dog trying to climb onto your head, into your neck crevice, etc.

And they realize the training of a stubborn teenage can be very similar.  Teens are brilliant, creative stubborn and awesome – and given time to show their true colours, they shine.  Sprocket has shone since we first got her into our world, but also has those moments when I want to close the crate door and walk away. I actually do that for the safety of all concerned.

So kudos to parents of human teen, furry teens, and keep smiling when you can and lock them up when you need to!