Signs my allergies to scents are acting up….

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of working on some funky synthetic fabric covered in foil dots. And after 1 hour of handling it, cutting, sewing on the machines and generally trying to get it to the next stage for a fitting tomorrow, I have had to stop.

I am actually seeing spots -yes, those little sliver dots are now clouding my vision even as I type.  My throat is scratchy and what’s worse, I have has uber bad mood swings that can only partially be attributed to hormones.

SO where does that leave me? For now, I am leaving the pretty fabric in it’s bag and I will go take Sprocket for a walk to air out my lungs and eyes before my bridal clients start arriving “after work”.

But for future projects, I am really going to have to think twice before taking on the metallic lames, foil dots etc if the off-gassing continues to affect me this much.

Sad Sparkly Arr…