Halyma and finale – The end of another season of dance!

Halyma and finale – The end of another season of dance!
Another new costume, another Ottawa Centre Class Party under the hip belt!

I LOVE my parties. I enjoy the process of planning them, nagging people, cajoling them and then seeing what they come up with for their final presentations to share with those who are able to come watch!

As the roster changes and develops over the weeks coming up to the event, there is some stress of course, but it always gives me the chance to bring together the diverse styles and inspired moments into one lovely evening! One lovely, not too late, weeknight event during a very busy time of year!

The teachers who bring their students out to perform – there will be a list at the end of the post with some contact info – work hard to guide their groups to a point of feeling they can dance their routine in public. In front of almost 300 strangers.

The dancers, students, pros and rogue dancers, spend weeks preparing, practicing, being stressed, or confident, they all still put a lot of work into getting ready for 2-4 minutes { in most cases] on stage. And if they study with more than one teacher, or are both teachers and students themselves, they may be rushing down to the dressing room to do at least one quick change before their next routine gets called to the stage.

The volunteers help in more ways than imaginable. Often people will as me how I am doing as I trot from one part of the backstage to the next, checking on folk, etc. And most of the time, unless there is a crisis to be dealt with, I try to enjoy the music, conversation and have a fun time myself. I can only do this because I have some very cool people to hep me out.

Linda has been helping me for years and I can leave pretty much anything in her hands – once I tell her what this year’s variation on the system is – I am always trying to make things better, honest! And then I hand her my camera and she shoots some fun and funky video clips so that I can share stuff asap!

Melissa kindly offered this time around, and was a huge help at the ticket desk as well as making sure Shade had help changing when we had a quiet change to the roster.

Catharine has been helping out as Stage Manager for years, and knows what is involved in running these kinds of events!  She keeps those dancers all lined up and ready to go, and takes over as the voice from beyond when I head down to get myself ready!

I know I can leave things in the hands of these trusted friends and that’s why I can be so relaxed – it is a party after all!

And there are the other folk who I don’t interfere with at all, they come out and do their thing, without any concern or guidance from me at all, I just keep outta their way as they already know what they are doing!

Michele R comes out to every show for the past 7 years?( I will have to check on that) and she brings whatever fabrics, decor pieces, etc. that catch her fancy and sets up a beautiful ambiance for us, before the dancers even arrive to start any run throughs they need to do.  And it does make a difference – even if the dancers don’t realize it, the flow and energy of the stage has been transformed through the ritual of her making the space “ours” for the night.

Lainie, our official Photographer, comes, has fun, gets great shots, enjoys herself – we hope – and shares her love of movement and beauty with everyone! Everyone has a moment caught by Lainie that immortalizes them as a dancer!

Tom shoots our official video so that we performers can show our friends and family the cool performances that took place!  One student dancer told me downstairs how she sat and watched a few of the previous dvds when she was not feeling so hot this fall – and was totally taken down memory lane, seeing the changes in the shows over the years..

Kudos and thanks to you all!

As I mentioned, I like to work towards improving every show, and the best way to do this is to get some feedback that I can then process, compile and share with the performers I invite to come out to the next event.  I know some folk are not comfortable sharing their thoughts openly, but really, it’s the best way to make changes happen – tell everyone your ideas for improvements and then if feasible, they’ll be implemented.

I want to encourage the solutions, so if there were any things that you experienced as a dancer, teacher, or audience member, post your comments here so that we can all get some fresh perspective on ways to keep making these events better!  And of course – if anything struck you as fabulous, be sure to point that out too – we need to hear what works too!

Programme from the evening: Go HERE to check on Teacher Listings


  1. Azhar  D’Halyma
  2. Sha vega: Goddess Belly Dancers
  3. Les Danseuses de la Maison des Arts d’Embrun
  4. Loulouh’s student Caitlin
  5. Zamira’s student Azzah
  6. Niki’s Tribal Fusion students
  7. Sha’ Vega’s Treasures
  8. Bahiya’s  Hip Belly dancers
  9. Shade solo
  10. Oksana’s  Gothic Belly Dance
  11. Hypnotic Hips: Bahiya,Zaida,Zeevah
  12. Loulouh solo
  13. BDw/ Anna& Safiya level 1
  14. Les Deesses de la lune
  15. Jalilah’s students- all classes


  1. Gulzaar D’Halyma
  2. Chandrika solo
  3. Loulouh students 2
  4. Leslie’s students
  5. Isaden solo
  6. Jewel solo
  7. Sha Vega solo
  8. Bahiya solo
  9. BDw/ Anna& Safiya level 2
  10. Zamira solo
  11. Anna and Safiya Duet
  12. Leslie
  13. Halyma
  14. Finale

12 thoughts on “Halyma and finale – The end of another season of dance!

  1. Tracey, thanks so much for going through it all to provide us with the venue – and the splendid entertainment. It was a very fun night!

  2. On Behalf of K.G.:

    Thanks for all your hard work again, it was another great show! Your performance was great and G’s costume was amazing, you did a fantastic job on both!

    It was interesting to hear all the different types of music. There seemed to be less traditional belly dance music this time.

  3. Had a great time last night, performing and then watching the show. Thanks Tracey, for bringing together such a wonderful group of women to share in a joyous expression of cameraderie, accomplishment, and the art of dance. Wishing all the ladies a festive Christmas season!

  4. Tracey, I was very impressed with the dancing- it was a beautiful and entertaining show and lots of fun to be a part of!! Thanks for your teaching and all of your work putting the show together. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  5. It was a great night, and what a difference to see things from the perspective of someone who wasn’t dancing (for a change)! I’m glad to see that the hustle and bustle (pun intended) is just about the same 😉

  6. It’s truly inspirational to have us all in one place doing our thing! There were so many incredible moments last night. Thanks so much for organizing and hosting one of the highlights of the season for us!!

  7. What a great night of dance. As usual, put together so well and orchestrated with such grace that it looked easy. HA! They say you know you’re doing your job well when other people think it looks easy. Having been through this show with you, from the early days at the Routhier, as student, performer, volunteer, teacher and friend I never cease to be amazed.

    Each party brings out more and more ‘fusion’ pieces and last night was certainly no exception. I loved the amazing variety of styles and style mixes. AND… everyone made it look so easy 😉

    I am so, so glad that we’ve returned to the UofO Alumnae Theatre. I much prefer the stage, dressing rooms, sound and lighting, seating, everything. Michelle R. commented about how easy their staff make her job and what a delight they are to work with. It shows in the final production.

    Thanks to you and everyone who works so hard, dancers too, to make the party fun!!!

  8. It’s always a HUGE boost of motivation/inspiration to see so many dancers in one place, and see what everyone else is doing. Not to mention it’s a rush to get on stage and be a part of it! I don’t know how you keep your sanity organizing it all though, Tracey. Being an event organizer myself I know how crazy it is… hat off to you, seriously. I bow, I’m not worthy ;-)…

    My friend, who was coming along for the first time, did mention that she would love to have a little explanation of the different styles of dance and costumes. I know the intros had to be pretty rapid-fire, so as to get everyone in without taking all night, but I agreed, with the wide and gorgeous variety of dancers and styles on stage it might be cool for newcomers to know, even if it’s just a quick one-sentence, a little more about what they’re seeing.

  9. Thanks Kate for that perspective on the introductions. It becomes a bit of a juggling act when some folks could need an elaborate explanation and others are best with the simple and quick intro. But seeking a balance is a good thing to keep in mind for sure!!

  10. I think the evening went by so quickly – it was a wonderful blur! I have to say I really like the pacing with the quick intros (it’s quite long and drags when there is more talk, enough that it is noticeable), so maybe there could be a few programs available with some info. Or have a URL you can point people to if they need it. Something like that might help those who want more, yet save paper.

    I was very proud to be part of a great group of ladies on Wednesday night ^_^

    1. Thanks-I had thought about setting up an online programme and might do that got next time … That way the folks with access don’t need to bring it, and the few people wanting a programme can print their own in advance .

      I have left with way too many unused programmes to print off and waste the paper ever again ! T

      Sent from my iPod – so I will confirm any important info when at my computer later!! TAV/Halyma

  11. As a first timer at the show last Wednesday I was most impressed for numerous reasons.
    1- Everything was well organized and thought through.
    2- Things ran smoothly.
    3- It started on time and ended at a reasonnable hour.
    4- There was a wonderful variety of performers and performances.
    5- Everyone looked happy to be there and strut their stuff.
    6- We got a chance to practice on stage prior to the performance, with music..
    7- The venue was great; parking, dressing rooms, large lobby, good stage, great sound, good seating,……
    8- The finale was fun !!!!!
    9- You are a wonderful and generous hostess.
    10- And there is the DVD to look forward to and relive the moment.
    Again many thanks to you and your team of helpers. Kudos !!!
    You were able to achieve just the right combination of professionalism, relaxed atmosphere and spirit of celebration.
    Happy festive season filled with peace and joy and all you need for the new year.
    Aurevoir.Take care!

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