TEDxOttawa – Wow, I’ll be a part of it!

Click here to go to the LIve linkIt has flown by – weeks of preparation and meetings for the main organizing team of TEDxOttawa will culminate in the all day event taking place this coming Sunday, December 6th, 2009.
When I offered myself as one of the speakers, I was prepared for a sweet but polite, “we’ll let you know.. “as they waited to see what well known, public figures, famous or at least semi-famous folk they could fill the list with before a – “thanks, but…”

Instead, I got an amazingly enthusiastic response from the committee and was blown away to be considered worthy of not only helping out [ I also offered my services as a “backstage” crew/ ” stage manager” type minion for the day] at the FIRST TEDxOttawa event EVER! And they are giving me stage time too!

AS the event is sold out, the best way to get involved is to check it out live all day long on their streaming page.  Yes, you will be a few seconds behind the real action, but you can also simply watch in your PJs, with a group of friends, or in a cafe with internet service!

The program for the day will not be pre announced, but you’ll want to start watching right away at 10 a.m. { hint, hint} and just keep ‘er running in the background all day – there will be some amazing talks I am sure!

I am really looking forward to the entire day, being part of a great new community of folk who I am enjoying getting to know!

If you watch on Sunday, leave me a “you were fabulous” comment here on my blog, kay?


And this just in… Thanks @knealemann for tweeting this link where Susan Murphy [ @suzemuse] gives us some insight into the day:

CLICK HERE to see her interview on Startuplucky.com

4 thoughts on “TEDxOttawa – Wow, I’ll be a part of it!

  1. Shoot! How did this get under my radar? I really have to get into the loop so I don’t miss out again. I’ll try watching on and off during the day Saunday.

    Good Luck with your talk!

  2. I’m sure you will be fabulous! Hopefully the presentations will be available on line after the event.

    Have a great time!

  3. So I missed the opening Bollywood For Fun dance but caught most of your talk which was excellent and the audience participation dancing.

    Also watched/heard Mark. Had to leave just as he finished. Was out until after 5 today so missed all but the closing remarks.

    So… “you were fabulous” !

    Cheers and congratulations to SuzeMuse and all her elves.

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