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The Ottawa Centre Class Party – what a way to end the season!

Hey Kids,
I have finally recovered enough to start looking at pics and video from our fabulous show on Wednesday June 10th. You ladies rock! Or Rak as the the pun goes!

So what does this mean for the blog post? It means that I will direct you all to the little final video clip that my good friend Linda took of many of us at the end of the show! Click on the still image to take you there!

Colour and motion - can you hear the music?

It also means I will say a huge sloppy thank you to so many people – I hope I have not forgotten anyone, but someone can leave me a word in the comments in case I did!
The teachers who helped provide student performances to fill out the evening. Click on their name and if they have a website – you get to see it :-):

Anna and Safiya
Sha Vega

The student group dancers:

Thank you for all of the class time and extra time you put into preparing for the show – you’ve done your teachers proud!

I am not going to list you all by name – you are all given credit in the performer DVD! But thank you to each and everyone one of you for coming out and sharing your love of dance with us!

The Rogue Dancers:
These dancers took time on their own to develop and practice the pieces they danced completely on their own! Congratulations to you all for your efforts for the evening!
Niki and Shade
Pink Pandemonium: Linda,Diane,Ameenah,Sadira,Esmerelda
Anadil: Siddiqah,Farasha,Wendy,Rebecca,Lisa
Ameenah and Sadira
Hipnotic Hips: Bahiya, Zaida, Zeevah

The Teacher Soloists who graced us with their elegance.  Thank you ladies!


The amazing volunteers:

Ticket and DVD order ladies: Julie T and Linda B

General Help: Brenda,Megan,Katheryne, Diane, Zamira, Jewel, Nat and Andrea, Erika

Decor: Michele Roy [ OMG thank you!]

Backstage/Stage Manager: Catharine Crerar

Official Photographer: Lainie Cambria

And the underpaid staff:
Tom of Darner Media
The Bronson Centre Staff and volunteers
Wall Sound

And the supportive members of the audience deserve some recognition too!

Thank you for your feedback, your participation, your support and your presence – it brings the end of the season to a fantastic close for me!

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A drama pose!
A drama pose!

While I should be doing housework…

Instead of doing the laundry, I slept in. Instead of exercising, I couch surf. Instead of washing dishes, I dirty more by trying some new recipes.

Well, that’s only because it’s the last week off from classes and I will need to get myself in gear by the end of this week in order to be ready to start teaching again next week!  Actually I need to get myself in gear by this afternoon as I have a huge list of to-do’s for this week in regards to all three of my businesses [ well the three that I can count today – there are more when I break it down!]

What’s on my lists, you ask? Or not – depending on how busy you are with your own lists!

Beadwork done a few years back

TAV Creations has a lovely January wedding on the roster!  Yay!  I don’t always get January weddings but for the past two years I have been blessed with them!  Nice for the alleged “downtime” to not be downtime!  3 bridesmaid dresses plus the wedding gown means I need to get my space cleaned up, vacuumed, and ready for action!


Halyma’s Belly Dancing For Fun has a couple of events to prep for next weekend – January 17th brings us to The Bay at Bayshore for the “Beauty @ the Bay Beautiful Skin Event.  This event is all about wellness and beauty in 2009.  There are several components to this event, skin care regime, sun care, health and diet, fitness and well being.”


Then Halyma will be performing later that evening as part of the multi-dancer show: Uncle Louis’ Restaurant Belly dance show/Hafla Still room to book a table and come out I am sure for a fun evening of Lebanese food and dancing!

Halyma at Uncle Louis' - 2002

But before that, my classes resume on January 12th, 13th and 15th at all of my usual haunts, and I am looking forward to getting moving again!  I really do use the classes as my own personal workout time since the rest of my days seem to be involved with sitting and typing or sewing.

And the new baby: Eco-TAV has lots of work waiting for me to do for it as well!  I  will meet with a co-op this week to see about sewing help.  

mmm snackies!

I need to contact a list of stores regarding carrying the products in house – but I need to make more stock first so that i have it on hand when I approach the stores!  I still have a good amount of cotton and some hemp available [hint, hint] !

I also want to/need to do some major tweaking on the website and am looking at setting up my products on an online market place – but I need to get photos and descriptions organized for that before I go much further!

 I am supposed to be working on that lovely wedding, my time can only be split amongst so many projects before workmanship suffers!

That’s an exaggeration of course, workmanship never suffers!  Organization skills and phenomenal talents are my magical powers!  At least that’s the illusion I like to keep up!  and only as long as I schedule in fun time, rest, relaxation and time with hubby!

We won’t even get into the sewing videos, newsletter look update[ not done yet!], DVD3 [ not happening anytime soon, kids] or any of the other creative endeavors that I happily explore when I have a spare moment!

So, now that I have listed off most of what I want to do, I should really check on the soybeans I have cooking on the stove. I am trying a variation on the wontons that my friend S and I made back in December, but a vegan version with soybeans and mushrooms as the filling.
Maybe some other veggie stuff in there too – we’ll see! I was able to get the wrappers at a little chinese store in the market, so I am ready to go once the filling is !  
Hope your own lists for the upcoming year are fun filled and creative!  
Or healthy and beneficial!
Blessed be!

Ottawa’s Weekend of Belly Dance – October 18 and 19, 2008

Belly Dance Teacher’s Fundraiser – Halyma Performs

Saturday, October 18, 2008

7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

3 RD AVE & LYON – Glebe Community Centre, Ottawa, Ontario.   Google Map


and raise funds for:

You are cordially invited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the rich culture of Bellydance in the Ottawa Region
7 pm, Saturday October 18th, 2008
Glebe Community Centre (corner of 3rd ave. & Lyon)

* Wonderful performances by your favourite teachers
* Surprise Guest performers
* Great FOOD !!! by Corner Cafe/Mona’s
Two Weekend Get-aways courtesy of STARWOOD Hotels
Authentic Dance Belt from Egypt courtesy of OASIS Dance
Beautiful Handmade Silk Veil courtesy of Shibori Borealis

Tickets: $25


AND on Sunday…..



Sunday, October 19, 2008

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

260 McArthur (Knights of Columbus Hall), Ottawa, Ontario.   Google Map


A Dancer’s Bazaar
The largest gathering of Ottawa area dancers with the best selection of new and used costumes, fabrics, music, accessories and more to buy, sell, swap and trade!

Open to all – free admission

Meet teachers, check out class schedules, get costume information, and much more!

Something for everyone – young and old – men and women! Come on out and enjoy the afternoon!

The Dancer’s Bazaar hosts over 40 tables of goods and services to appeal to the shopper in us all!

Looking for zills? Sticks? Veils? Skirts? Music? Anything you can think of, and many things you might not have thought would come in handy – tote bags and cover-ups, baladi dresses, and accessories to complete any outfit! Whew! There will be new stock from Egypt, Turkey and of course from our local artisans and designers. And be sure to check out the many deals for used costumes as well.

There are many vendors who are connected to the belly dance community who are offering products and services that might not automatically seem like a bellydance purchase, so come with an open mind! Remember this is a cash and carry event – credit cards are not likely to be accepted by most vendors. And as in the past, many new vendors will be coming out, so there will be a huge selection of products available!

Get the bilingual Miniposter (403 KB PDF) with all the details!


Randi Cherry ~Sahara Art~Carlos Rojas and Brigitte Chavez~Zamira~Gurel & Ayfer Karaocku ~Karen Jennings~Jocelyne Khan~Zahra and Jewel~Natasha’s Treasures~Samia/Enchantress of Egypt~Tara Heft~Half Moon Street~Imports by Nikita ~Shibori-Borealis~Patricia Zaid ~Julie Tierney~Dorothy’s Magical Fairy treasures ~Hollywood Music~Dalia’s collection~Boutique de danse baladi de l’Estrie ~Infineight~Boutique Baladi~DanceStudios.ca~Creative Clothing By Roxane ~Fashion Impex / Belly DAnce Supply~Suzie Lafrance~Sha Vega’s Tarot TentTAV CREATIONS/Halyma’s Belly Dancing For Fun~B. Good’s cookies