The Ottawa Centre Class Party – what a way to end the season!

Hey Kids,
I have finally recovered enough to start looking at pics and video from our fabulous show on Wednesday June 10th. You ladies rock! Or Rak as the the pun goes!

So what does this mean for the blog post? It means that I will direct you all to the little final video clip that my good friend Linda took of many of us at the end of the show! Click on the still image to take you there!

Colour and motion - can you hear the music?

It also means I will say a huge sloppy thank you to so many people – I hope I have not forgotten anyone, but someone can leave me a word in the comments in case I did!
The teachers who helped provide student performances to fill out the evening. Click on their name and if they have a website – you get to see it :-):

Anna and Safiya
Sha Vega

The student group dancers:

Thank you for all of the class time and extra time you put into preparing for the show – you’ve done your teachers proud!

I am not going to list you all by name – you are all given credit in the performer DVD! But thank you to each and everyone one of you for coming out and sharing your love of dance with us!

The Rogue Dancers:
These dancers took time on their own to develop and practice the pieces they danced completely on their own! Congratulations to you all for your efforts for the evening!
Niki and Shade
Pink Pandemonium: Linda,Diane,Ameenah,Sadira,Esmerelda
Anadil: Siddiqah,Farasha,Wendy,Rebecca,Lisa
Ameenah and Sadira
Hipnotic Hips: Bahiya, Zaida, Zeevah

The Teacher Soloists who graced us with their elegance.  Thank you ladies!


The amazing volunteers:

Ticket and DVD order ladies: Julie T and Linda B

General Help: Brenda,Megan,Katheryne, Diane, Zamira, Jewel, Nat and Andrea, Erika

Decor: Michele Roy [ OMG thank you!]

Backstage/Stage Manager: Catharine Crerar

Official Photographer: Lainie Cambria

And the underpaid staff:
Tom of Darner Media
The Bronson Centre Staff and volunteers
Wall Sound

And the supportive members of the audience deserve some recognition too!

Thank you for your feedback, your participation, your support and your presence – it brings the end of the season to a fantastic close for me!

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A drama pose!
A drama pose!

0 thoughts on “The Ottawa Centre Class Party – what a way to end the season!

  1. A big Thank you to you Tracy for all your efforts and hard work to give so many an opportunity to dance!
    BTW the link to my website is not working.
    XXXX Jalilah

  2. an extra comment:

    Hi Tracey!

    I just wanted to thank you so much for all the work I’m sure you put in to organizing the show on June 10th. It was all so beautiful.
    I was one of Sha’Vega’s beginner students and when I signed up for that class, I never imagined I would be performing in front of anyone, let alone on a stage in front of hundreds. While I was very nervous before, during (especially), and even after we performed, I am so happy to be able to say I did it and I plan on performing with her intermediate class if there is another show!

    So thank you so much for giving us all such an amazing opportunity!

    -Anna F.

    P.S. Your performance was stunning!